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Just a girl who believes in those stupid love movies because i know one day a prince will save me from all my flaws

Sorry guys I’m abit late with the update, i was too busy revising for school as my exams are coming up in 2 weeks. But anyways…. this morning after finishing day 1 I feel like crap.

But I guess its going okay. I had 2 cheese crackers = 80 calories. Don’t worry the cheese was really small. They were 19 calories each. Then i ate a slice of pizza because i couldn’t resist which came at 110 calories. I had alot of water…. but i think next time when I need to have 200 calories I’ll just eat vegetables because i can eat alot of vegetables for 200 calories. I’m so glad its day 2 where i can eat 400 calories. I’m making myself a sandwich bitch!